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Oct 29, 2020 | Things to know, Vienna

#ViennaWaitsForYou: Digital content from Vienna

Cary Eggeling

Cary Eggeling

General Manager & Founding Director

My name is Carl Eggeling and I am taking care of my guests in my home area for more than 35 years. Passionate about travel I create outstanding experiences.


Since the lockdown, the Vienna Tourist Board has been inspiring interested parties, former and future visitors from all over the world with a mix of content ranging from art and culture to the bizarre and low-threshold: for example, with love messages to Vienna from world stars of music:


The #ViennaFromMyWindow-Challenge motivated about 1,000 people to participate on Instagram.

The giant cat “Mietzi”, which re-conquered Vienna’s streets, made it into many worldwide media and generated numerous interactions.

And also the video “Vienna is like …” is internationally popular and makes you want to visit Vienna.

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