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Orginal Wendestein

Vienna Kohlmarkt - Österreich Werbung / Harald Eisenberger

History & Heritage

The company WENDESTEIN was founded in 2007 and deals mainly with the product of untreated amber from the Baltic States. Jewelry design pieces are created around this product, which often do not show at first glance that amber has been processed here.

WENDESTEIN has developed into a renowned design jewelry brand with numerous inventions that are unique on the market.

Products, developed from 30 years of jeweler’s experience characterize the collections of WENDESTEIN.

Josef Peter Roysky opened his first jewelry store in Neunkirchen in Lower Austria in July 1987. Further locations followed in Neunkirchen and in Baden near Vienna. Over the years, the company was able to arrange concession agreements with various world brands in the watch and jewelry industry, such as Cartier, Chopard, Fabergé, IWC Schaffhausen, Breitling, to name a few.

Design & Jewelry

The greatest recognition for the founder Josef Peter Roysky in his thirty-year professional career were always his designer jewelry pieces from his own pen.

The feeling for shapes, proportions and a wide range of ideas characterized these pieces of jewelry. For him, the art of designing has always been to get to the point quickly and to focus on the visual “aha” effect. It is this “aha” effect that flatters every person and pleasantly touches the fine senses.

To this day, new designer pieces are still being created – all of them unique. You can see them here on the company’s website.


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