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Mondschein Fashion

Vienna Kohlmarkt - Österreich Werbung / Harald Eisenberger

History & Heritage

Bags, backpacks and scarves made of finest loden. Under the label Mondschein Gabriele Lechner designs bags and scarves with a very special passion: the enthusiasm for traditional, high-quality fabrics and minimalist design.

The designer’s aspiration: to create everyday objects that go with traditional costume and also with modern outfits. For example, a shawl that goes perfectly with dirndl, looks great as a scarf with a winter jacket and is a casual companion with a leather jacket.

Designer pieces with traditional roots – loden backpacks, bags and shoulder scarves

Tradition & craftsmanship

The manufacture of Mondschein products is rooted in the tradition of times past. The designer combines proven materials such as loden and leather with modern, minimalist design. .

Pure natural materials, thoughtful details and high-quality workmanship characterize the bags, loden backpacks and shoulder scarves.

“Implementing new ideas is nice, but only when we build on the knowledge of the generations before us do they become really good.” says Gabriele Lechner, owner and head designer of Mondschein.

That’s why Mondschein uses Austrian loden, made in Styria from 100% merino wool. This loden is wonderfully light, cuddly soft and so robust that it stays beautiful for a long time.


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