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We combine craftsmanship and unforgettable experiences and offer you selected products from manufactories in Vienna and throughout Austria.

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With a passion for travel, we create outstanding local and authentic tours and experiences for our guests in and around Vienna.


Take a piece of Vienna home with you? With our carefully selected products from Vienna and all over Austria you will make the right choice.

We are bringing together Vienna’s luxury shops, traditional manufacturers and designs of Vienna 1900 with the bubbling creativity of contemporary Vienna’s designers and creative arts.

Luxury is newly interpreted with the motto of the Vienna Secession: „Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit“ (To every age its art. To art its freedom)

Vienna is the 5th largest city in the European Union, right at the heart of Central Europe, attracting talents from near and far.

Everything that characterizes the Viennese flair

Bringing together locals and guests from around the world to explore Vienna and hunt for hidden gems of the city.

Local and authentic, we are helping you to discover our city.

Culture, jewelry, style, living are so important in the life of the Viennese, come and join us on our voyage of discovery of Vienna!

Viennese Style – traditional, modern, timeless

An inspiration for us is wienproducts.at, a great guide to Vienna as well

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Vienna Musikverein - Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout


We will inform you about the launch of our website and our online store. Even if you cannot come to our beautiful city and country at the moment: we are happy to bring a selection of specialties and products of our manufactories to your home.

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let us bring the Viennese flair and the best of Austria to your home